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Hot Yoga

Hot yoga offers a wide variety of benefits for both your mind and body. It can help you burn calories, build bone density, boost your cardiovascular fitness, and improve your flexibility. It may also help ease depression and reduce stress.


CO-ED Hot Yoga 26&2
(60 min)

Hot Yoga 26&2 consists of a 26 posture series and 2 breathing exercises practiced for 60 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity. This class is suitable for all levels - even if you have never practiced yoga before. 


Hot Yoga 26&2 is different than a vinyasa flow class. It is a progressive workout where each posture stretches and strengthens the muscles, ligaments, and joints needed for the next posture in the series. Between each posture, we still the body to reset and prepare for the next one.  


The heat and consistency of the poses will guide you into a moving meditation while strengthening and opening your entire body. 


The class is the same every time; the variable is you. 


CO-ED Hot Vinyasa Yoga (60 min)

Vinyasa means linking movement with breath.  Hot Vinyasa is practiced in a heated room and emphasizes intentional breath between and throughout flowing postures. This class will strengthen and lengthen your body while encouraging you to tune in to your body’s own rhythm.  Get ready to move and sweat! 

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CO-ED Athletic Yoga Flow (60 min)

Athletic Yoga Flow: This heated vinyasa flow class is designed to challenge your whole body with a sequence of progressive structures of challenging poses to build strength and ignite your full potential mentally and physically.

New Student Hot Yoga Tips

1) Bring a towel to cover your mat.  If you don’t have a mat towel, an oversized bath or beach towel will work.  You will be sweating, so the towel is to prevent your mat from getting slippery.  
2) Hydration is important so drink plenty of water before your class.  It is equally important to drink water after class. You will be sweating! Water intake will help your body more efficiently replenish the fluid lost during class.  
3) It takes time to learn the postures and get used to the heat. Take your time and enjoy the experience. Remember that a consistent practice is important. Over time your body will become accustomed to the heat and your muscles and joints will gain flexibility.
4) Take a break. If you feel yourself getting out of breath or too warm, sit down and focus on slowing your breath.

5) Pregnant women should consult their doctor before trying hot yoga.

6) If you have low blood pressure or low blood sugar, you may be prone to dizziness or lightheadedness with hot yoga. Check with your doctor to make sure hot yoga is safe for you.

7) Please notify the instructor of any medical needs you may have or injuries prior to class.

Pricing Options

  • Drop-In Fee: $20

  • 10 Class Pass (3-month expiration date): $180 (value $200)

  • One month unlimited: $120

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