What’s your favorite thing about coming to MadTime?

My favorite think about going to MatTime is the environment. I LOVE the workouts and the energy I feel when I walk in the door. The ladies at MadTime are incredible, keeping each other motivated with encouraging words. When I go to a class, I have no idea what kind of workout the coaches are planning, but I do know that I AM GOING TO SWEAT and get an amazing workout with my friends!


Why did you choose MadTime Fitness over other gyms?

I have always enjoyed exercising with people. If I didn’t have anyone to exercise with, I didn’t exercise. I was in and out of a lot of gyms, but I just didn’t feel it. A friend suggested that I try MadTime Fitness because of the group classes. My first class was PPP and I LOVED IT! I tried another class and another one. I couldn’t wait to go to the next class. Every time I walked in, sweet Faith greeted me with a wagging tail. I found a place where women can exercise hard and look like we do. I love that if I need a hair tie or a towelette to remove my makeup, it’s all there. You can’t find that anywhere else.



Why did you choose MadTime Fitness over other gyms?

MadTime Fitness was highly recommended by my colleagues at work, not just one person, but quite a few people that are the members at the gym. I was looking for a gym that offered group sessions since that is my preferred workout environment because it makes me work harder.


How long have you been working out with MadTime Fitness? What have you achieved?

I have been with MadTime Fitness for 13 months and I am looking forward to many more! I found out that, besides my initial goals when I joined MadTime, I have so many more! I am so happy with the way my thighs look now. I can see that my muscle definition is more pronounced now. But it is my overall happiness, healthy mind and feeling strong that I would call my biggest achievement.



Why did you choose MadTime Fitness over other gyms?

I chose MadTime because it is such a positive atmosphere from the moment you step in the door. The workouts are made for every individual and the instructors modify the moves to fiteveryone’s ability levels. I also truly enjoy an all woman’s facility where we can just be ourselves. MadTime keeps a schedule that can fit anyone’s crazy life and schedules.


What is your favorite thing about coming to MadTime Fitness?

I love the comradely between all of us. Everyone cheers each other on and helps to push one another to our best abilities. We are proud and strong together.




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