Madeleine Southern- Certified Group

Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer


What's Happening At MadTime Fitness!

Please park directly in front of MadTime Fitess, on the sides of DePue Plaza or behind Jasmine's Jewelers!

Closing Information!

We do not close the fitness facility based on school closings. Please look here to see if we are closed or on our Facebook page or Instagram page.


"Maddy is a dedicated trainer that pushes you to your limits and takes pride in watching you do things you didn't think were possible!"


"I have gained strength, endurance, enhanced nutrition and improved my balance."


"Maddy is an amazing trainer. She is unstoppable and strong! I always get a great workout and leave feeling ready to take on anything!"


"Maddy takes the time to get to know her clients; developing a solid and balanced personal training relationship. She learns "you" on your good days and on your bad days. She always manages to motivate and inspire you to push through the next level. Absolutely one of the best!"


"Maddy just knows I am capable of doing more than I know myself. She always motivates me when I want to give up. Without her motivation, I would never push myself to do what she has me doing. It's paying off because I am accomplishing my goals and becoming stronger as a person. If you want to change your life and be empowered, then call Maddy."



"I find Maddy's training sessions to be both challenging and fun! Prior to working with Maddy, I was desperately trying to find some form of motivation to get back into shape after having my second son and being a full time working mom. After taking just one of Maddy’s classes I was hooked onto her style of teaching and her motivational delivery. She is always pushing her clients to do their absolute best! Also, I love that she does the exercises with you and models excellent form. Maddy is very patient and she easily modifies/strengthens any activity to fit the physical needs of her clients. I hate missing one of her training sessions!"

Deirdre Willock

"Train with Maddy! Maddy makes it less scary to start your fitness journey. She's with you every step checking on your even when you're not training together. When I first started with Maddy, I couldn't even do a sit up. It was getting frustrated because about a month in and I still couldn't do them on my own. Now a years later, I can do sit ups holding 15 lbs."


DePue Plaza

2989 Rt. 611  

Tannersville, PA 18372

Phone: 1-570-664-6991

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